Turdaphe # SSL S NO5016 3

Turdaphi 1165 St A. Lib. 143–4 [‘land outside the burgh <of St Andrews> in North Street at the cross-roads, which land is called Turdaphe’ (terram extra burgum in uico de North apud furcas, que dicitur Turdaphi); granted and confirmed by Bp Richard to St Andrews Priory; Barrow translates furcas ‘cross-roads’ (RRS ii, Index of subjects s.v.); however, it can also mean ‘gallows’]
apud Turdafche 1165 x 1169 RRS ii no. 28 p. 138 [o.c.; terram etiam extra burgum in uico de North apud furcas et apud Turdafche (‘at the cross-roads (or gallows) and at Turdaphe’); corresponds to St A. Lib. 215 (which has in uico North and Turdapsche)]
Turdaph c.1180 St A. Lib. 146 [same wording as St A. Lib. 143–4]
terram Turdath 1183 St A. Lib. 59 [‘land of Turdath which (Bp Richard) gave for work on the new church <of St Andrews>’ (terram Turdath quam dedit operi nove ecclesie)]
Turdafin 1189 x 1198 St A. Lib. 152 [same wording as St A. Lib. 59]
apud Turdaphe 1228 St A. Lib. 234 [same wording as St A. Lib. 215]

? G tòrr + ? G damh + in

‘Place of (the) (conical shaped) hill of (the) ox’. This might be where a windmill later stood, west of the west end of North Street, and at the edge of the raised beach, marked on Gordon MS Fife (1642) and Ainslie/Fife, and which has given its name to Windmill Road, beside St Andrews Bus Station.

Turdaphe (Turdath) in Pope Lucius III’s confirmation charter of 1183 is the name of the land which Bishop Richard gave to the work of the new church (St A. Lib. 59). It might be thought that this refers to the charter issued by Bishop Richard between 1172 and his death in 1178, whereby he gives to the new work ‘the land (unnamed) which is between the land of Godric Sterecrag and the land of Rathelpie as far as the sea’ (St A. Lib. 141). It also fits geographically, since Rathelpie (q.v.) is due west of the burgh of St Andrews, and therefore very close to the assumed position of Turdaphe. There is a problem with the dates, however, since according to St A. Lib. 143–4, Turdaphe had already been granted to St Andrews Priory by Bishop Richard in 1165.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3