Saltcotes * SSL S NO4818 1

Saltcotis 1405 St A. Lib. 422 [Balgove (Balgove) SSL and *Saltcotes granted by Prior James to Thomas, archdeacon of St Andrews; see SSL Introduction, Local Detail, for the full text]
e parte orientali edificiorum de Saltcotis 1405 St A. Lib. 422 [‘east of the buildings of *Saltcotes’]
Saltcotis 1471 RMS ii no. 1039 col. 3 [... Balgove (Balgo<f>e), *Saltcotes, with their pertinents]

Sc saut or salt + Sc cot

‘Salt cottages, small houses associated with salt-making’. This name arose to refer to the buildings, both domestic and industrial, associated with salt production on the Priory’s land of Balgove SSL (q.v.), which had access to the Eden Estuary on the west side of Strathtyrum. Already by c.1160 Balgove is associated with a salt pan (Balgoua cum salina St A. Lib. 131), and its importance is underlined in the agreement made in 1212 between the Priory and the archdeacon, whereby land around Strathtyrum was granted to the archdeacon ‘saving to the canons a salt-pan with salt-making areas which they have had at that time and the toft and croft of the salt-maker’ (St A. Lib. 315).[336] This is also the first mention of a salter or salt-maker’s dwelling, one of the buildings which later became known as a salt-cot(e). Furthermore the archdeacon is given the same right to build a salt pan beside that of the canons within the land of Strathtyrum ‘without harassment or molestation’ (ibid.; for full text of this agreement, see SSL Introduction, Local Detail).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3