Rufflets SSL S NO481160 2

Nather Rufflattis 1642 Retours Fife no. 624 [William Barclay, minister; 1 acre of arable in the lordship of St Andrews Priory commonly called Nether Rufflets]
Wester Rufflettis 1653 Retours Fife no. 821 [William Fairfoull, shoemaker in St Andrews, an acre of land in the territory called Wester Rufflets]
Over Rufflets 1843 Priory Acres Plan
Nether Rufflets 1843 Priory Acres Plan

Sc ruch + Sc flat

‘Rough (ruch) level piece of ground or (flat) field’. This is now the name of a country hotel 2.5 km west of St Andrews on the Ceres road (B929), whence the above NGR. It is built on the ground which in the Priory Acres Plan is called Nether Rufflets. Rufflets probably formed part of the lands of Pitoutie # SSL.

No buildings are shown on the site of the hotel on OS 6 inch 1st edn, but immediately west is ‘Denbrae Mill (sawing)’, OS Pathf. ‘Dewars Mill (disused)’.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 3