Rathelpie SSL S NO500163 1 20m

terram de Rathelpin 1172 x 1178 St A. Lib. 141 [mentioned as the march of a piece of land granted to St Andrews Priory by Bp Richard: ‘the land which is between the land of Godric Sterecrag and the land of Rathelpie as far as the sea’ (terram illam que est inter terram Godrici Sterecrag et terram de Rathelpin usque in mare); see also under Turdaphe # SSL, below]
(land of) Rathelpin 1183 St A. Lib. 58 [confirmed as one of the lands of the Hospital of St Andrew, probably granted by Bp Robert]
Rathelpyn 1290 St A. Lib. 378
terras et acras suas de Rahelpy 1513 RMS ii no. 3812 [lands and acres of Rathelpie near (prope) the city of St Andrews, containing 63.5 acres, and which had been the old hospital’s, with annual rents of the tenements of Argyle (Argail) on the lands of Rathelpie (Rahelpy), given by St Andrews Priory to the newly established College of St Leonards][332]
Rathelpie 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

G ràth + pn Alpín

‘Rath or fortified settlement of Alpín (Ailpín)’. At least four other Scottish place-names contain this personal name. Pitelpie #, Liff and Benvie (formerly in Liff) ANG and Cairnelpies BNF are both mentioned by Watson (1926, 237, 409).[333] To these can be added Pitdelphin, Strachan KCD and Skelpie CLT, which see, above. The final n was lost probably because it fell together with the common loc. –in-ending, which was generally reduced to -ie/-y by around 1300.

Rathelpie is marked on OS 6 inch (1855) as being in the western suburbs of the town of St Andrews itself. On the Priory Acres Plan (1843) it is marked in the same position, on the raised beach area south of the North Haugh. Who the eponymous Alpin was there is now no sure way of telling, although he has of course been associated with the father of Cinaed (Kenneth), king of the Picts from c.843 to 858. (see for example Henry 1912, 79). Watson (1926, 237) is rightly more cautious. There is no trace of a ràth in this area in the archaeological record.

/raˈθɛlpɪ/ or /rəˈθɛlpɪ/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3