Pothlin # SSL S

Pothlin 1165 x 1172 St A. Lib. 179
Poclin 1165 x 1172 St A. Lib. 217 [= RRS ii no. 13]

Since this name may not have survived beyond the twelfth century, it is not even certain what its correct form is, whether Pot(h)lin or Poc(h)lin. It is one of the lands which Maolsneachda had held before Bishop Richard granted them to St Andrews Priory (see Bassaguard SSL for more details). However, it is just possible that the name has survived in the Boarhills field-name Bochlet(t) or Brocklet (Sasines nos. 11746 (1817), 13122 (1820), 13125 (1820)). If so, this would not only help locate Pothlin # but also prove that the early form Pothlin should read Pochlin. However, Bochlet(t) etc may represent the place called Barrachlie associated with the barony of Boarhills in 1593 (RMS v no. 2273) (q.v.). If this latter identification is correct, then it is more difficult to see how Pothlin or Pochlin might underlie these names.

Its form may be also compared with the second part of the division of Kincaple SSL referred to as Kincapel Bochalin Terrier F (amongst lands held by the bishop and his men c.1220), but this is unlikely to be the same place, as by this time Pothlin belonged to St Andrews Priory.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3