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Over et Nether Pyplattis 1575 x 1601 RMS vi no. 1268 [see discussion, below]
in territorio de Piplet 1576 x 1601 RMS vi no. 1268 [‘2 acres of arable from the lands of Wester Balrymonth lying scattered as runrig in the territory of Pipeland between the Bank of Balrymonth, the lands of William Moffet etc’ (2 acras arabiles ex terris de Balrymonth-Wester sparsim lie rynrig jacentes in territorio de Piplet inter lie Bank de Balrymonth, terras de Wilelmi Muffet etc)]
Pyplitland de Balrymonth 1629 RMS viii no. 1409 [to Stephen Orme, 4 acres of arable called Pipeland of Balrymonth, and other lands]
Pipelet 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Pyplett 1797 Martine 1797, 182 [written 1683]
Pipeland 1828 SGF
Pipeland 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Under Pipeland Road, Smart and Fraser state that this ‘is an old name for a road going from the South Haugh to the Pyplitland of Balrymonth, a Pyplit being a small piece of land attached to a larger’ (1995, 46). No such word is recorded in DOST or SND, but it does describe Pipeland’s relationship to the lands of Wester Balrymonth, of which it formed part. This is clear from its description in a royal charter of 1601 confirming a grant made in 1575 by Robert, bishop of Caithness, commendator of the priory of St Andrews, to Alan Watson (Watsoun) and Cathrine Gled, his wife of ‘five acres of arable land out of half of the toun and lands of Wester Balrymonth, in the territories called Over and Nether Pipelands’ (5 acras arabiles ex dimidietate ville et terrarum de Wester Balrymonth, in territoriis Ovir et Nether Pyplattis vocatis) (RMS vi no. 1268).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3