North Bank

North Bank SSL S NO485167 1 363 35m

? terras de Noirthbank 1581 x 1584 RMS v no. 702 [commendator of St Andrews Priory feus to George Learmonth (Leirmonth) of Balcomie (Balcomy) CRA the lands of Northbank possessed ex locatione [319] by Thomas Learmonth while he lived, and then by George Learmonth his brother german and heir, and by their subtenants, which lands Margaret Erskine (Erskyn) senior lady of Lochleven (Lochlevin) resigned in favour of the said George Learmonth, ‘with part of the bog of Drumcarro lying on the east and north sides of the same’ (cum parte marresii de Drumcarro jacen. ex orientali et boreali partibus ejusdem), between the part of the bog occupied by (i.e. assigned to the uses of) Andrew Ferry in Craigtoun (Craigtoun) CMN, part of the same bog occupied by the widow of John Thomson (Thomsoun) in Dewars Mill (Dewaris-mylne) SSL, the muir (moram) of Denhead (Deinheid) SSL, <and> part of the said bog occupied by Thomas Mitchell (Michell) in Craigtoun]
? Northbank 1587 Assumption, 10 [first in list of land in lordship of St Andrews Priory, feued for £6 14 s.; before Claremont (Claremounthe) SSL]
? Northbank 1587 Assumption, 12 [listed in the rental of the teind sheaves of the St Andrews Priory, within the parish of St Andrews (the Trinity); leased for 1 boll wheat, 4 bolls bere, 14 bolls oats]
? Northbank 1587 Assumption, 18 [first in list of St Andrews Priory lands, feued to George Learmonth (Lermonth) for £6 14 s., before Claremont (Clarmonthe) SSL]
? Northbank 1593 RMS v no. 2273 [first in list of St Andrews Priory lands, before Claremont (Clarimonth) SSL and Denork (Dunork) CMN]
? Northbank 1611 RMS vii no. 464 [first in list of St Andrews Priory lands]
? terras de Northbank 1625 Retours (Fife) no. 364 [first in list of lands of the lordship and barony of St Andrews (Sanctandrois), before Claremont (Clairmonth) SSL and Denork (Dymork) CMN]
? in terris de Northbank 1633 Retours (Fife) no. 492 [James Learmonth of Balcomie, along with ‘part of the marsh of Drumcarro CMN’ (parte marresiae de Drumcarro)]
? Northbank 1635 RMS ix no. 307 col. 1 [first in list of St Andrews Priory lands]
? Northbank 1641 RMS ix no. 1005 col. 2
North bank 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
North Bank 1775 Ainslie/Fife
N<orth> Bank 1828 SGF
Northbank 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc north + Sc bank

‘Northwards facing bank or slope’. This is one of a series of place-names stretched out along north-facing slopes, partly comprising a raised beach, west of St Andrews which contain the directional specific north, others being Northmuir # (for which see Garrowflat # SSL) and (the) North Haugh SSL. Although North Bank is right at the bottom of a north-facing slope, it is on fairly level ground, which is why no orientation has been given above.

A place called Northbank often heads the list of lands belonging to St Andrews Priory from the mid-sixteenth century, and it was this Northbank which was tenanted by the Learmonths of Balcomie CRA. Since there were at least three places of this name in SSL and CMN (see Northbank CMN twice, above), it is not clear which one is involved here, or whether it is yet another place which is now known by a different name. The likelihood is, however, that it was North Bank SSL. It is also possible that this represented the early Priory holding of Rummond SSL (q.v.), listed amongst its first endowments, but disappearing from the record after the early thirteenth-century to re-appear in the eighteenth century. North Bank is now the larger farm, lying adjacent to and east of Rummond. There may have been a shift in the central place within the lands of Rummond to North Bank, the name Rummond surviving as the name of a subsidiary division.

In 1581 George Learmonth (Leirmonth) of Balcomie CRA, the tenant of Northbank, is given the use of the eastern and northern part of the bog of Drumcarro (RMS v no. 702).[320] This is the low-lying and heavily drained area between Cassindonald and Denhead Farm, centred around NO466127. It is shown on Ainslie/Fife (1775) as a small loch, with the now vanished settlement of Loughmylane to the east. The marches that are given in the 1581 charter relate not to the lands of Northbank, but to Northbank’s part of Drumcarro bog. Since the other bog-holders are from as far away as Dewars Mill SSL, c.3.5 km north-north-east of the bog, with two others in Craigtoun CMN, c.2 km to the north-east, this does not help to locate Northbank very precisely.

Assumption Index identifies this Northbank with Northbank CMN NO482108.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3