Pittensoil # BEA DFL S NT122942 1 190m

Pittensoil Bank c.1750 RHP1266

? G pett + G an + ? G sabhal

? ‘Estate of the barns’ (*pett nan sabhal). The name appears far too late in the record to warrant a confident etymology. In c.1750 it is the name of a field on the farm of Blairenbathie BEA, part of the Blairadam Estate. It does not appear on a Blairadam Estate plan of post-1804 (perhaps 1824), which shows a new arrangement of fields and plantations.

If it is a genuine Pit-name, and contains the specific sabhal, as suggested above, then it can be compared to Pitsoulie TOB.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1