Knockhill SSL S NO450165 1 363 100m NOF

? Konakin c.1204 x 1228 SHS Misc. iv, 312 [o.c.]
Neydie-Knock Hill Outfield 1776 Nydie Plan
Nydie Knock Hill 1828 SGF [referring to a farm steading]

en Knock Hill

Knockhill now marches with the lands of Nydie, but is represented by SGF (1828) as forming part of them. If Konakin is Knock(hill), then it was held by Hugh of Nydie of the bishop of St Andrews in the early thirteenth century (SHS Misc. iv, 312; see *Knock SSL, above).

OS 1:10,000 map (2006) shows Knockhill of Nydie House at NO443165, a name which co-incidentally reflects the original tenurial relationship between Knockhill and Nydie. OS Pathf. also shows Knockhill Farm (NO441165) and Knockhill Quarries (NO446166).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3