Knock * SSL S NO4316 2

? Konakin 1204 x 1228 SHS Misc. iv, 312 [o.c.]

G cnoc

‘Hill’. Konakin may stand for G cnoc + loc. ending –in, with the o an (unusual) attempt at representing an epenthetic vowel between c and n. It is also unusual that the loc. ending has not survived as –ie/y. It is Barrow (1974, 42) who first makes the link between Konakin and Knockhill SSL. This is certainly more plausible, at least geographically, than the assumption that Konakin is Kennoway (for which see SHS Misc. iv, 340), since Knockhill formed part of the lands of Nydie. By this charter Hugh of Nydie (Nidin) grants to Alexander of Blair (Blar) KDT along with Hugh’s daughter Ela half Hugh’s land of Konakin, which land Hugh holds of the bishop of St Andrews.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3