Kinkell SSL S NO540147 1 363 65m NEF

Kynkel 1172 x 1178 Barrow 1971 no. 2 [Gilchrist abbot of the Culdees of St Andrews grants to Odo, brother of Bp Matthew of Aberdeen, Kinkell (Kynkel), *Pitsporgy (Pethsprochyn) SSL and *Pitkenny (Petkennum) SSL for a rent in kind]
Kynkel 1172 x 1178 Barrow 1971 no. 3
Kynkel 1189 x 1195 Barrow 1971 no. 6 [= RRS ii no. 347]
Kinnakelle 1198 x 1199 St A. Lib. 318 [held by the Culdees]
Kinkel c.1220 Terrier E [17/18th c. copy; lands held by the Culdees]
the huch of Kynkell 1434 St A. Lib. 424 [quarry rights in ‘the heugh of’’]
terris S. Nicolaii de Kinkell 1452 x 1480 RMS ii no. 1444 [‘lands of St Nicholas of Kinkell’]
Kinkell 1501 RMS ii no. 2601 [prebend in the collegiate church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (of the Rock)]
prebenda de Kinkell 1531 RSS ii no. 841 [‘within the collegiate church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rock beside the city of St Andews’ (infra ecclesiam collegiatam BVM de Rupe prope civitatem Sanctiandree)]
Kinkell c.1560 s Assumption, 80 [‘the prebendarie of Kinkell within the college kirk of the Lady Heuch besyd Sanctandrois ... to the quhilk James Henrysoun is lauchtfullie provydit ...’]
Thomas Monypenny de Kinkell 1601 Retours (Fife) no. 90 [in lands of Kinkell and Snadown (Snaudoun) SSL]
(lands of) Kinkell 1619 APS iv p.682 [lands of Kinkell and Snadown (Snadoun’)]
(lands of) Kinkell 1638 RMS ix no. 1266 [lands of Kinkell and Snadown (Snawdoun)]
Kinkell 1640 Retours (Fife) no. 592 [lands of Kinkell and Snadown (Snawdoun), lands of Spinkstown (Spinkistoun) SSL, lands of Greenlaws # (Greinlawis) SSL, lands of Brownhills (Brounhillis) SSL, in the regality and parish St Andrews]
Keankell 1642 Gordon MS Fife
Kean-kell 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Kinkell 1753 Roy sheet 19, 5
Kinkel Castle 1775 Ainslie/Fife [‘in Ruins’]
Kinkell Cave 1845 NSA ix, 451 [on the coast, penetrating seventy or eighty feet inwards, ‘frequently visited, especially during summer months, by the citizens or their visitants’]
Kinkell 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

G ceann ( + G an ) + G coille

‘End of (the) wood’. It was part of the lands belonging to the Culdees of St Andrews, and it later became a prebend of their successor institution, the collegiate and royal chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary (see SSL Introduction, The Culdees of St Andrews). Watson (1926, 397) associates the wood with nemus porcorum, ‘the wood of the swine’, with which the twelfth-century writer of the foundation legend of St Andrews translates Muchros # SSL (Chron. Picts-Scots 185). However, for the suggestion that ros in Muchros may mean ‘promontory’ rather than ‘wood’, see s.n.

The NGR is of the present farm of Kinkell; however, the centre of the medieval lands was more probably where the ruins of Kinkell Castle now stand (not marked on OS Pathf.) at NO537155. The earlier name for OS Pathf. Kinkell, the farm, was Spinkstown, q.v., which was a division of the lands of Kinkell. In 1786 Ramsay of Kinkell is seised in the lands of Kinkell ‘comprising Snadown (Snadown #), Spinkstoun (Spinkstown), Greenlaws, Brieryhill, Wanlagown, Brownhills (Brownhills SSL), Milehouse, Millardslands and the Ward of Kinkell’ (Sasines no. 1447).

There is a new golf course on much of the lands of Kinkell, as well as on neighbouring Kingask, referred to simply as no. 7 when under development, now called The Castle Course, named after Kinkell Castle.[301] The website devoted to St Andrews golf courses has the following ‘The central part of the golf course ... was surveyed in 1837 when it was part of an area known as Spinkston ... Other details on the map include names such as Kinkellfield, West Kinkell, Lower Briery Hill, Lower Twentys, Upper Rigs, Longlands, Collier Shod, Middle Shod and Craigendaff – this was also spelt Craigduff in the mid-nineteenth century.’[302]

OS Pathf. also shows Kinkell Brae, Kinkell Cave, Kinkell Harbour, Kinkell Ness. There were two medieval parishes called Kinkell: one is now part of Trinity Gask, Strathearn PER (ecclesia Sancti Beani de Kinkelle 1201 × 1203 RRS ii no. 432 o.c.); and one is now part of Kinkell part of Keithhall & Kinkell, ABD. There is also Kinkell, Fordoun KCD (Kenkelle 1189 × 1195 RRS ii no. 346).

/kɪnˈkɛl/ or /kɪŋˈkɛl/.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3