Kindargog # SSL S NO5116 3

terra de Kindargog 1163 x 1164 RRS i no. 239 [= St A. Lib. 193–4; see Kilrymont SSL; ‘the parish church of the Holy Trinity in Kilrymont, with the land of Kindargog with which the said church was endowed’ (ecclesiam Sancte Trinitatis parochialem in Kilrimund cum terra de Kindargog de qua prefata ecclesia dotata est), to St Andrews Priory]
terra Kindargog 1165 x 1169 St A. Lib. 132 [see Kilrymont SSL]
terra de Kendargog 1165 x 1169 St A. Lib. 143
Kindargog 1165 x 1169 RRS ii no. 28 [o.c.; = St A. Lib. 213–16; royal confirmation of rights of St Andrews Priory]
Kindargog 1179 x 1183 St A. Lib. 146 [confirmation to St Andrews Priory by Bp Hugh]
Chindargog 1183 St A. Lib. 58 [erroneously inserted into the list of lands which Bp Robert gave to the priory, between Rodhmuned and Balgoue][298]
Kyndargog c. 1220 Terrier C [17/18th c. copy; part of the Boar’s Raik]
Kindargog 1228 St A. Lib. 234 [royal confirmation by Alexander II]

G ceann + G dearg + ? –ōc

‘At the end of the red(dish)-coloured place’. Described as the land with which the parish church of Kilrymont was endowed (RRS i no. 239, St A. Lib. 132–3, RRS ii no. 28), it probably lay at or near the original parish kirk of the Holy Trinity of St Andrews beside the cathedral (see SSL Introduction, The Development of the Parish, for more details). It probably refers to red stainings from iron deposits within the calciferous sandstone bedrock of the area.

Compare Dargie, Invergowrie PER, which appears as Dargoch 1162 × 1164 (RRS i no. 251).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3