Kindaras # SSL

Kindaras c. 1220 Terrier F [17/18th c. copy]

G ceann + ?

‘(Place at the) end or head of ?’ Since this name occurs only once, and that in a late, poorly copied source (for more on which, see Appendix 2, below), it would be foolhardy to offer anything more than a tentative etymology of anything except the first element, although the ending –as is perfectly plausible, corresponding to other, similar locational suffixes such as –es and –is, found for example in Wemyss (PNF 1), Ceres and Reres LAR (PNF 2), with the meaning ‘place of’ or ‘place at’. If -dar- is correctly transcribed, then it may be derived from a word found in Old and Middle Irish as dair (gen. daro/darach) ‘oak’; or daire/doire ‘oak-grove’ (Modern Gaelic darach ‘oak’).

Kindaras probably lay at the east end of the parish, near Boarhills, as it is grouped with other lands in this area (Inchmurdoch SSL, Baldougal SSL, Kindaras, Ballewyne, Kinglassie SSL, Peekie SSL), all held by the bishop and his men.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3