Kellock Lane

Kellock Lane SSL S NO458160 1 70m

Kellock Loan 1815 Sasines no.10540 [‘manse of Strathkinness ... being part of Kellock Loan’]

? pn Kellock + Sc loan

‘Loan (grassy track for livestock) associated with a person or family named Kellock’? The surname Kellock is recorded in Rosyth FIF in 1550 (Robert Kellok RMS iv no. 463). For other Fife occurrences of this name, see Black 1946 s.n. The surname occurs in the place-name Epi Kellocks FAL (PNF 2). Kellock Loan is now Kellock Lane, in Strathkinness village; also in the village is Kellock House. Compare also Kellock Law # SLO (PNF 4), which first appears as Kelloklaw in 1642 (RMS ix no. 1194).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3