Hallow Hill

Hallow Hill SSL R NO493156 1 363 39m

Allhalahill 1555 SAUL B65 12 no. 96 (p. 65) [18th c. copy]
in territorio nuncupato Alhallawhill 1648 Retours Fife no. 761 [‘in the territory called’]
Halyhill 1861 The St Andrews Pictorial Magazine, 37, January 1861 [anonymous article on the site, cited Proudfoot 1996, 387]

Sc alhallow + Sc hill

“All Saints’ hill”. This is the later name for Eglesnamin #, one of the core lands of St Andrews Priory, as well as being amongst the earliest sites of Christian worship in the St Andrews area. The Sc name underlines this strong Christian association, and may even represent a part translation of the older name, which may contain, or was thought to contain, G naomh ‘saint, holy’ (see Eglesnamin # SSL, above, for more details).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3