Goswell SSL S NO4714 2

Goswel(l)side 1440 St A. Cop. no. 110 [see discussion, below]

Sc guse + Sc wall

‘Goose well’. St Andrews Priory land, *Goswellside was feued in 1440 to William of Crail (Carale) and Anny his spouse, ‘with six acres of our (i.e. the prior’s) land lying nearest to the west side of the dyke of our *Westerbroom of Balone SSL’ (with sex akrys of oure land next liand the westerhalf of the dike of oure Westirbrome of Ballothin). This indicates that it was on the west side of the lands of Balone. The editor, J. H. Baxter, states that it was ‘probably near Denhead SSL, where there is a Goswel Den and Goswel Cottage, though Goswelside does not appear to have survived’ (St A. Cop., 481). Goswel(l) Den is no doubt the small, steep valley which runs north from a point east of Elderburn Farm, and is the eponymous den of Denhead. And Goswell Cottage is now known as Summerhill, being the northernmost house in Denhead.[283]

It has survived in local use in the name Goswell Brae, applied to the road which climbs south from Claremont up to Denhead. This in turn has given rise to the field-name Goswell Brae centred at NO471146.[284]

The same specific is in *Goose Acre ANR (Goisaiker 1591 RMS v no. 1938).

Baxter further states that *Westerbroom itself has not been traced (St A. Cop., 481). Sc broom (brome) here refers to a piece of land covered in broom.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3