Garris # SSL S NO5114 3

lie Gurres 1630 Retours Fife no. 429 [part of lands of New Grange (Newgrange) SSL called *Bereflat (Bearflett); another part of it the Garris (lie Gurres)]
Garries 1700 Retours Fife no. 1444 [‘in that part or shed of the toun and lands of New Grange called Garris’ (in illa parte vel shed ville et terrarum de Newgrange nuncupata Garries)]
Garras 1808 Sasines no. 8203 [‘acre and rigg of land in the lands of New Grange lying in the territory called Garras’]
Garras 1819 Sasines no. 12515 [‘1 acre in lands of New Grange called the Nether Garras ... territory called Garras’]
the Nether Garras 1819 Sasines no. 12515 [see preceding entry]
lands of Garris 1877 -8 Valuation Roll [‘lands of Grange and Garris’]

This may be a later form of Garried #, which see above.

Confusingly on the Priory Acres Plan (1843) Garrowflat is the name of a triangular piece of land immediately north-west of what on the OS 1 inch maps is called New Grange (SGF/1828 Old Grange, OS Pathf. The Grange Farm). However, it is clear from other records that Garroflat (q.v.) is the name of a piece of land to the west of St Andrews, and this may here be an error for Garris.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3