Drumsach # SSL S

Drumsac 1140 St A. Lib. 122 [Bp Robert to St Andrews Priory]
Drumsach 1156 St A. Lib. 51 [Pope Adrian’s confirmation]
Drumsac 1160 St A. Lib. 206 [= RRS i no. 174]
Drumsach 1165 x 1169 RRS ii no.28 [o.c.]
Drunsec c. 1220 Terrier C [17/18th c. copy]

G druim +

The first element is G druim ‘ridge’. The second element may be linked to OIr secc ‘dry’, cognate with G seasg ‘dry’ and seac ‘wither’. It is one of the lands granted to St Andrews Priory in 1140 by Bishop Robert.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3