Carron SSL S NO488158 1 30m

? Cartenan c.1100 FAA [see SSL Introduction, Foundation Accounts]
? Kerin c. 1220 Terrier E [17/18th c. copy; lands held by Culdees, listed between Lambieletham (Lethin) and Cairns (Kerneis); or is this Cameron CMN?]
? Wautier de Caran 1296 Inst. Pub. 131 [‘Walter of Caran from the county of Fife’ (del Counte de Fyf) does homage to Edward I; noted in Black 1946, under Caran, which he suggest ‘may be from Carron STL’][272]
? Kermmill 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife [for Ker<in>mill? The only mill shown on the Kiness Burn; north-east of Mid Balone (Midd Balon), and on the north bank of the burn; or is this Cairnsmill?]
Carron 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Carron 1827 Ainslie/East Fife
Carron 1828 SGF [and Carron Cottage]
Carron Bridge 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

? en Carron

There is a strong possibility that Carron is a modern coining: it first appears with any certainty in 1775, by which time the Carron Ironworks near Falkirk were internationally famous and generally admired.[273] That it was a fairly recent coining in 1826 is suggested by the following Sasine of that year (no. 3387): Rev. Dr. James Hunter, Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in the United College of St Andrews, is seised in ‘that part of the lands of Ballon (Balone SSL) commonly called Rufflets extending to 10 acres of arable land ... in the shade or territory called Jenkinboggs or Nether Rufflets; 2 acres of the Prior Acres of St Andrews, an acre of arable land in the shade called Nether Rufflets and an acre of arable land among the remanent acres of the Priory of St Andrews and in the shade called Nether Rufflets, all which lands are now commonly known by the name of the lands or farm of Carron’.

For the somewhat remote possibility that Cartenan might represent later Carron, see SSL Introduction, Foundation Accounts.

Balnacarron (House) was built in 1895, and probably so called as a result of a ‘bit of antiquarian Celticism’, (Smart and Fraser 1995, 13) adding the common G place-name element Bal- from G baile + definite article na to the existing name.

On earlier maps Carron is shown as a small settlement or single house on the south bank of the Kinness Burn, where it is crossed by the road from Craigtoun to St Andrews (carried by Carron Bridge). This supplies the above NGR. OS Pathf. shows Carron Bridge and Carron Lodge. The former carries the above-mentioned road over the Kinness Burn, and is the only Carron-name to appear on OS 6 inch 1st edn, which names OS Pathf. Carron Lodge Spalding.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3