Cairns SSL S NO4914 2

Kernes c.1198 x 1199 St A. Lib. 318 [‘with Cameron’ (cum Cambrun); held by the Culdees]
Kerneis c.1220 Terrier E [17/18th c. copy; belonging to the Culdees]
terra de Kernes c.1248 St A. Lib. 309-10 [‘with the mill established in that same land’ (cum molendino in eadem terra fundato); given by Duncan son of Michael son of Malotheny to St Andrews Priory; forinsec service to be done for this land by his other lands of Ecclesmartin (Eglismarten) SLO, Pitlour (Petenlouir) SLO, ANY (FIF) and Rumgally (Ratmagallyn) KMB, which lands he holds by gift of his late lord, Malcolm II earl of Fife]
Kerenys 1440 St A. Cop. no. 111 [see Lumbo SSL]
Keyrnis 1452 x 1480 RMS ii no. 1444 [St Andrews Church land]
Kirnes 1501 RMS ii no. 2601 [‘10 merks of the lands of Kinaldy CMN and Cairns’ (10 mercis terrarum de Kynnald et Kirnes), contributing to a prebend of St Mary’s Church, St Andrews]
Keirnys 1510 RMS ii no. 3427 [Sir William Scott of Balwearie]
Keirnis 1529 RMS iii no. 760
Kernis c.1560 s Assumption, 87 [‘prebendary of Kirkheuchis callit Kernis’]
? Kerinmill 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife [see Cairnsmill SSL and Carron SSL]
Kearns 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Cairns 1684 Adair/East Fife

G ceàrn + – es

‘Place at a corner’. The word ceàrn is probably also found in Carnock (PNF 1).

For a full discussion of this property and its early links with the Scott family, the earls of Fife and the Culdees of St Andrews, see Barrow 1974, 31–2.

OS Pathf. also shows Cairns Den, Cairnsmill, Cairnsmill Burn.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3