The Bowbrig

The Bowbrig # SSL S NO515162 1

the Bowbrig 1560 x 1573 RMS iv no. 2105 [‘road to the bridge called the Bowbrig alias Stermoling Brig #’ (viam ad pontem vocatum the Bowbrig alias Stirmoling-brig)]
lie Bowbrig alias Stermolingbrig 1598 RMS vi no. 765 col. 2
the Boughe-bridge 1650 Lamont’s Diary 25 [‘Mr Charles Geddie in St Androus bought the lands of St Nicholas that lyes beside the Boughe-bridge’]

Sc bowbrig

‘Arched bridge’ (CSD). The name appears in the sixteenth century as an alternative for Stermoling #, the G name for the same crossing, q.v. below. Barrow identifies this bridge over the Kinness Burn with modern Shore Bridge (Shore Bridge 1820 Wood/St Andrews), which carries the road south-east from St Andrews towards Crail and Anstruther (1984, 61–2), hence the above NGR.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3