Bishop’s Road

Bishop’s Road ~ SSL O NO454149 1 363

Bishop’s Road 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

This is the name of the old main road into St Andrews from the south-west. Coming through Kennoway, its route can be traced more or less exactly through the eastern part of KTT (past Caldhame and through Clatto Den), past Struthers CER and along the old track which approaches Ceres from the south-west by Denhead CER. The stretch from Kennoway to Struthers was closed in 1793 when the modern road was opened (Silver 1987, 68). From Ceres the old road headed for Kinninmonth then mounted the ridge at Blebo Mains to make straight for St Andrews along the line of what is still shown on modern maps as the Bishop’s Road, although this stretch is one of the most overgrown and impassable of its whole length between Kennoway and St Andrews. It was probably so called because it was a road frequently used by the bishops of St Andrews, and was perhaps also maintained by them. However, the OS Name Book (59, 63) suggests that it acquired or retained its name at this point because it was along this stretch that Archbishop Sharp was famously murdered by Covenanters in 1679 (see also Bishop’s Wood SSL, below).

According to the nineteenth-century Priory Acres Plan the name ‘the Bishops or Archdeacons Road’ was applied not to this road but to one which crossed the North Haugh on a north-south axis.

The NGR given above is for the point where the road enters the parish just west of Bishop’s Wood on Magus Muir.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3