Balhucca # SSL S NO4514 2

Balhucca 1140 , St A. Lib. 122 [Bp Robert to St Andrews Priory]
Balucca c.1141 x 1150 David I Chrs. no. 126 [= St A. Lib. 190; royal confirmation of Bp Robert’s grant to St Andrews Priory]
Balhuccha 1156 St A. Lib. 51
Balhucca 1160 x 1162 St A. Lib. 131
Ballhucca 1163 St A. Lib. 54 [Pope Alexander III’s confirmation]
Ballehucke c.1220 Terrier C [17/18th c. copy; part of the Boar’s Raik]
Balleucca 1228 St A. Lib. 233

G baile + ? personal name

One of the lands given to St Andrews Priory by Bishop Robert, it is always grouped with lands around Strathkinness, and was probably therefore in that area. It is not recorded after 1228. In Pope Lucius III’s confirmation of priory lands dated 1183 (St A. Lib. 58) it seems to be replaced by Claremont, while Pope Alexander III’s confirmation charter, dated 1163, has Ballhucca but not Claremont (St A. Lib. 54). This strongly suggests that it is now represented by Claremont, which does in fact lie immediately south-west of the lands of Strathkinness, and which supplies the above NGR.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3