Old Haiks

Old Haiks KBS CRA C NO612114 1 364 0m

the haikis 1609 Marwick 1866–90 ii, 282 [‘packeris of hering and fische in the haikis and Randersoun heawin’]
Old Haiks 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn
Old Haaks 1958 PSAS 89, 280 [report of 30 cists discovered in an organised cemetery here]

Sc auld or SSE old + Sc haik

Sc haik is, among other things, a frame for drying fish or cheeses; also a frame for catching fish. The 1609 entry above refers to ‘packers of herring and fish’ (as if herring were not regarded as fish!) in the haiks, and suggests that in this case, being associated with packing fish, they are part of the fish-drying process. By the 1850s Old Haiks was remembered as ‘formerly a small harbour where coal was put ashore, but there was no pier ever built here’ (OS Name Book 84, 19). See Randerston KBS for Randerston Haven (Randersoun heawin).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3