Ladylands # KBS CRA S NO606095 2

Ladylanddis 1429 RMS ii no. 130 [Randerston (Randalstoun) KBS and Ladylands; royal grant to Thomas of Morton (Myrtoun) dean of Glasgow]
Ladilandis 1557 RMS iv no. 1207 [Randerston (Randelstoun) and Ladylands]
Ladylands 1622 Retours (Fife) no. 326 [Arthur Morton (Mortoun), lands of Randerston (Randelstoun) and Ladylands, with advowson of two chaplainries formerly in the parish church of Crail, viz St Michael’s and St Catherine’s]

Sc lady + Sc land

? ‘Lands which support the cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary’. The name presumably relates to the wider cult of the Virgin in medieval CRA in connection with the Haddington nunnery (see CRA Introduction). The later connection of *Ladylands with the cult of St Michael and St Catherine does not appear until after the foundation of the Crail collegiate church in 1517, in which these two saints had their chaplainries or prebends.

It seems to be the same place as Newton of Randerston #, for which see Newton CRA.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3