Kippo KBS CRA S 578103 1 363 70m

(barony of) Kyppoke 1278 Balm. Lib. no. 42 [see CRA Introduction]
baronia de Kyppok 1278 Balm. Lib. no. 43 [‘Hugh Stalker and Maoldhùin of the barony of Kippo’ (Hugone Stalker et Maldun de baronia de Kyppok)]
Hugone de Berkelay domino de Kyppok’ 1359 x 1372 Skene of Pitlour Muniments (Cupar) [w.; see SLO Introduction, Earls and Monks, PNF 4]
Hugo de Berclay de Kyppok 1370 RMS i no. 355 [Hugh Barclay of Kippo once held Estirfossache in Appin (Abthania) of Dull PER]
(lands of) Kippow 1390 x 1406 RMS i app. 2 no. 1680 A and B [16th and 17th c. indexes; to John Barclay the lands of Kippo and Arngask PER, FIF]
(John Barclay of) Kyppow 1402 RMS i Addenda no. 1 [p. 651; w.]
(lands of) Kippow 1390 x 1406 RMS i app. 2 no. 1776 A [16th c. index; to John Barclay the lands of Kippo, Lochton CRA and Arngask PER, FIF]
(John Barclay of) Kyppo 1431 RMS ii no. 182 [witness]
(barony of) Kippow 1508 RMS ii no. 3178 [incorporated into the barony of Arngask (Ancorsk); see KBS Introduction for full definition]
(Margaret Barclay lady of) Kippow 1508 RMS ii no. 3178
(mill of) Kippow 1508 RMS ii no. 3178
Kippo 1517 Fife Ct. Bk. 68
Kippo c.1560 s Assumption, 177 [rent to Haddington Priory, 12 bolls oats, 12 bolls meal, 2 bolls wheat, 6 bolls bere]
Kippo 1594 RMS vi no. 100
Kippo 1603 Retours (Fife) no. 136 [Thomas Kay (Kaa), lands in Kingsbarns ‘with common pasture through the lands of Kippo to the muir called Kingsmuir’ (cum communi pastura per terras de Kippo ad moram vocatam Kingismure)]
Kippo 1611 Retours (Fife) no. 1542 [Andrew Kay (Kaa), lands in Kingsbarns ‘with common pasture and free entry and exit with his goods through the lands of Kippo to the muir called Kingsmuir’ (cum communi pastura, libera introitu et exitu bonis suis prae terris de Kippo ad morum vocatum Kingismure)]
(barony of) Kippo 1615 Retours (Fife) no. 251 [‘in the baronies of Arngask and Kippo’ (baroniis de Arngosk et Kippo); see discussion in KBS Introduction]
terris de Kippo 1625 Retours (Fife) no. 362 [in the lands of Kippo (enumerated as in 1508), adding ‘united into the barony of Arngask’ (unitis in baroniam de Arnegosk)]
terris et baronia de Kippo 1640 Retours (Fife) no. 587 [see KBS Introduction]
Kippo 1654 Retours (Fife) no. 832 [‘with commone pasture throw the lands of Kippo’]
Kyppo 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife
Kippo 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Kippo 1753 Roy sheet 19, 5
Kippo 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Kippo 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

G ceap + suffix or G ceapach

‘Place of a block or small, pointed hill’. The eponymous ceap is probably the large, conspicuous hillock (perhaps a burial mound, though not marked as such in NMRS) known as Laverock Law, which lies on the edge of the lands of Kippo.[234] The surrounding countryside is otherwise remarkably lacking in relief features.[235] The suffix may be compared with that of nearby Cambo KBS, q.v. Alternatively, but less likely, is G ceapach ‘tillage plot’, OG ceppach ‘piece of ground where trees have been felled’, presumably leaving tree-stumps (cepp); also ‘a plot of ground laid out for tillage’ (DIL).

On 4 April 1382 the lands of Kilduncan (Kyldonquhane) KBS, resigned by Robert de Roos, son of Hugh, were granted to Sir John Lyon (RMS i no. 693; repeated no. 781). The Scots Peerage (8, 265) mentions this grant in slightly different terms, stating that on 20 March 1381 John Lyon acquired from Hugh (sic) de Roos the land of Kilduncan (Kindongwane) and Clevekippowie or Kippowcleft. The reference given by Scots Peerage for these unusual forms is RMS 1306–1424 fo 156 no. 12, but they have proved impossible to trace: they do not appear in RMS i, nor in Robertson, Index, nor in the manuscript versions of the respective charters (NAS C1/5 no. 18; NAS C1/6 no. 12; NAS C1/8 no. 31).

It would appear that *Cleve Kippo was not part of those lands of Kippo which in the reign of Robert III (1390–1406) were granted to John Barclay,[236] along with those of Lochton CRA and Arngask PER, FIF (RMS i app. 2 nos. 1680, 1776). I have not yet found any other reference to *Cleve Kippo. It probably contains Sc cleve cleif ‘cleave, split’, with the idea of it being split off from the rest of the lands of Kippo.[237]

Field-names on Kippo include Haugh Yearn /hx:jern/, centred at c.NO580110, and Ladymuir /:ÉedI mer/, centred at c. NO568104 (Mr T. Mayes, farmer, Kippo, May 2006).

/ˈkɪpo/, locally /ˈkɪpɪ/.[238]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3