Drony KBS CRA S NO594126 3

in campis de Dreinin 1205 RRS ii no. 469 [King William granted to John Waleram various lands around Crail including in the fields of Drony that land which Hugh Giffard, Alexander de St Martin, Geoffrey Marshall and Winemer (the eponym of Wormiston CRA) and other honest men by precept of Countess Ada the queen-mother have perambulated for Roger of the Chamber][227]

? G droigheann + – in

‘Place of thorns’? Without the 1205 form, a derivation from G dronn, cognate with druim, ‘ridge, back, rump’, would have seemed more plausible (found for example in Dron LEU).

The name exists on OS Pathf. only as Drony Road, which runs from the main road north of Kingsbarns down to the coast. The name does not appear on OS 6 inch 1st edn.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3