Gallow Law

Gallow Law KCQ R NO472031 1 374 40m

the Gallowlaw 1796 Sasines no. 4455 [‘2 acres of lands of Colinsburgh lying below the Mousie Well, and 50 roods of land called the Gallowlaw’]
Gally Law 1896 Dick, 1896, 60

Sc gallow + Sc law

‘Hill on which the gallows stand or stood’. ‘The road which leads out of the town [of Colinsburgh] towards the west, as it inclines down toward the Charlton park walls, is called the Gally Law, formerly the Gallows Law’ The author adds that stone coffins have been found nearby, the skeletons’ necks all showing signs of hanging (Dick 1896, 60). It is not shown on OS 6 inch 1st edn (1855), and may have been added to later OS maps as a result of Dick’s information. If this is a genuine gallows-name, it brings the number of such names in the parish to two, the other being Gallowhill #.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3