Bloemfontein Wood

Bloemfontein Wood KCQ V NO461040 1 374

Bloemfontein Wood 1900 x 1949 OS 6 inch County Series, 2nd revision

en Bloemfontein + SSE wood

First appearing on the OS 6 inch maps in the 2nd revision (see above), Bloemfontein Wood is one of several woods around Charleton House named after South African places. Also in KCQ on the same map appear South Rand Wood (NO463042), North Rand Wood (NO461043), Driefontein Wood (NO462034), Transvaal Wood (NO456045), Kimberley Wood (NO457040) and Wittebergen Wood (NO460043). Nearby in NBN are Pretoria Wood (q.v., an OS Pathf. name) and Johannesburg Wood (NO455040), NBN, also named after South African places. These names were presumably inspired by some family connection with South Africa, apparently in the wake of the Boer Wars (1880–81 and 1899–1902).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3