Williamsburgh ELI KCQ S NO485000 2

Williamsburgh 1872 Sasines no. 1845 [‘Peter Given, Innkeeper, Williamsburgh near Elie ... in the Rottenrow near the burgh of Earlsferry in Parish of Kilconquhar’]
Williamsburgh or Rottenrow 1875 Sasines no. 4314 [‘... on the east end of the Burgh of Earlsferry, bounded on the north by the Street of said Burgh’]
Williamsburgh 1893 x 1915 OS 1: 2,500 1st revision
Williamsburgh 1895 Millar 1895 ii. 4

pn William + SSE burgh

The eponymous William is William Gourlay of Kincraig, who lived in the nineteenth century. ‘The inhabitants (of ELI) are principally congregated in Earlsferry, Elie, Liberty and Williamsburgh ...’ (Millar 1895 ii, 4). In 1891 Liberty and Williamsburgh were incorporated into ELI.

Rottenrow, ‘rat-infested row (of houses)’, appears to be the earlier name of this settlement, and probably explains the change to the more gentrified Williamsburgh.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3