Ramborthie ELI KCQ F NO 501006

Rambothie 1611 RMS vii no. 657 [part of barony of Elie (Elie); see ELI Introduction, Elie and Ardross]
Rambothie 1613 Retours (Fife) no. 1554 [one of the pieces of lands lying south of the *Over Links of Elie; see ELI Introduction]
the south inclosure of Rumbrothy 1810 Sasines no. 8922 [a part of barony of Elie, in parish of Elie]
the south inclosures of Rumbarthy 1810 Sasines no. 8942
Rumborthy 1810 Sasines no. 8943
N. Rumbrothie 1812 Sasines no. 9318
North Ramborthie 1928 Elie Plan/1928 [a field-name]
South Ramborthie 1928 Elie Plan/1928 [a field-name]

? G rann + ? G both

‘Hut or bothy share’? The first element is likely to be G rann ‘share’, the second element G both ‘hut’. The second r is almost certainly intrusive, generated by the initial r.

The 1928 plan shows fields North Ramborthie (NO501008) and South Ramborthie (NO501006), the latter of which supplies the above NGR.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3