Ardross ELI KCQ S NO508007 1 374 15m SEF

in sire de Erdros 1153 x 1162 RRS i no. 168 [Malcolm IV confirms to God and the saints of May common pasture in the shire of Ardrossas they [147] have in the shire of Kellie CBE’ (sicut habent in sire de Callin)]
Ardros 1172 x 1174 RRS ii no. 137 [o.c.; granted by the king to Merleswain (Merleswano) [148] for the service of one knight]
terram hospitalem de Ardros x 1199 SHS Misc. iv, 308 [hospital land of Ardross granted to the nuns of North Berwick by Malcolm, son of earl Duncan II of Fife; witnesses include Merleswain and his son, Merleswain]
terram hospitalis de Artros 1204 x 1214 N. Berwick Cart. no. 7 [Earl Malcolm]
terram hospitalis de Ardros 1212 x 1214 RRS ii no. 516 [o.c.; = N. Berwick Cart. no. 9 (with facsimile); William I confirms the earls of Fife’s grants to the nuns of North Berwick, including the land of the hospital of Ardross]
(Margaret of) Ardrosse 1281 Dryb. Lib. no. 20 [16th c. copy; daughter of Merleswain late lord of Innergellie (Innergelly) KRY]
Ele de Ardros 1296 Inst. Pub. 145 [does homage to Edward I along with others from the county of Fife]
apud Ardros 1362 RRS vi no. 268 [David II issues letters patent there on 3 February 1362]
terciam partem medietatis baronie de Ardross 1366 RRS vi no. 361 [o.c.; David II grants to William Dishington (de Dysschyngtona), knight, ‘a third of the half of the barony of Ardross, that is the land which is called the *Newstead’ (videlicet terram que vocatur le Newstede), and which Andrew Landells (Laundels) has resigned]
totas et integras terras baronie de Ardros 1402 RMS i Addenda p. 651 [Robert III grants all the lands of the barony of Ardross to his nephew Thomas Dishington (de Dischingtoun)]
Ardros 1506 RMS ii no. 3015 [lands and baronies of Ardross and Kilbrackmont (Kinbrachmont) KCQ to George Dishington of Ardross (Ardros)]
George Dischingtoune of Ardros 1519 Fife Ct. Bk. 160
(lands and barony of) Ardross 1529 RMS iii no. 874 [lands of Carmurie (Carmury) KCQ excepted]
lands of Ardros c.1560 s Assumption, 94 [rental to Sciennes Priory, Edinburgh, £20 a year]
to the ladie of Ardros 1573 Assumption, 146 [teind sheaves of Northberwick Cistercian nunnery]
(lands and barony of) Ardross 1600 Retours (Fife) no. 83 [James Lundy]
occidentalem portionem terrarum et baronie de Ardrois 1604 x 1615 RMS vii no. 1213 [see ELI Introduction]
Ardrois 1615 RMS vii no. 1259 [barony confirmed to William Scott of Elie]
Ardros 1626 Retours (Fife) no. 415 [William Scott of Ardross (Ardros)]
the laird of Ardrosse 1650 Lamont’s Diary 12 [his stables burnt down, ‘his man being drunke’]
Ardross 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Ardross 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
Old Ardross 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1 [= OS Pathf. Ardross Castle]
Ardross 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Ardross 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

G àrd + G ros

‘High promontory’, which describes the site of the medieval castle of Ardross (NO508007). The lands of Ardross, described as a shire when first recorded in the mid twelfth century (RRS i no. 168) appear to have stretched as far as Kincraig (west of Earlsferry), since the hospital of Ardross, first mentioned before 1199, stood on Chapel Ness (south-west of Earlsferry). The ruined chapel there (NT481993) is said to be all that remains of it (Wood 1887, 192; NMRS NT49NE 3). The hospital is referred to 1200 × 1210 as a cell (cella) of the nuns of North Berwick in a charter in which Waltheof or Waldeve son of Merleswain[149] grants to the nuns common pasture in his land of Kincraig ELI; in the same charter Waltheof agrees that one of his men, Cormac Luhoc, be removed ‘with his whole household’ from the nuns’ cell, ‘that is from the hospital’ (scilicet ab hospitali), and that only the men belonging to the nunnery should dwell near the said cell. For text and notes see Barrow 1974 no. 2; for the suggestion that Cormac may be the eponym of Balcormo CBE, q.v. above. It should be noted that Ardross is not actually named in this document.

In 1526 James V confirmed the charter of Sir William Morton (Myretoun), perpetual vicar of the parish kirk of Lathrisk (now Kettle), by which Morton endowed his foundation of the collegiate church of Crail and its eight prebendary chaplains. For the eighth prebendary the following provision is made: £12 from the lands of the laird of Ardross called *Holton and *Middleton (de terris domini de Ardros vocat. Holtoun et Middiltoun), and two merks from his (presumably Morton’s) annual rents within Crail, making 20 merks in all (RMS iii no. 389).

For the division of the lands and barony of Ardross in the early seventeenth century, and for the names of many of the small land-holdings therein, see ELI Introduction.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3