Torbrecks * CRA S NO6109 3

Torbrekis 1178 x 1185 RRS ii no. 196 [part of boundary of Wormiston CRA, q.v. for more details]
Torbreg’ 1310 x 1328 Hist. MSS. Comm., 5th Report, 624 [‘c.1300’; it is dated c.1312 x 1328 by Wood, in which the lands are called Torbrex and are misidentified with Tarbreakes SMS (1887, 451); an infeftment by resignation of Robert Turnbull (de Trumbley) in favour of Lawrence laird of Wormiston, constable of Crail, of the lands of Torbrecks, with 28 acres in the tenement of Wormiston; referred to in the Wormiston Inventory of 1662]
? Brecks 1786 Sasines no. 1354 [part of Wormiston (Wormiston or Wilmerstone), viz Briglett Park, Sheeppark, Brecks, Horsepark and Holmes, parish of Crail]

G tòrr + G breac

‘Speckled or variegated (pointed) hill or hillock’. As a place-name it is found also in *Torbreck # KMB and Tarbreakes SMS.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3