Newhall CRA S NO598100 1 363 55m NEF

Thomas de Noua Aula 1282 x 1290 St A. Lib. 345 [‘Thomas of (the) new hall’; 1282 is the date of the preceding item; see Ash 1972, 229, 264; listed as one of those of the town of Crail paying rent (4 s. p.a.) to St Andrews Priory]
(lands of) Newhall 1512 RMS ii no. 3792 [to John, earl of Crawford, the lands of Newhall with tower and manor]
Newhall 1518 Crail Register no. 14 [Master Thomas Meldrum, lord of Newhall, sold annual rent of ten pounds to Sir William Morton (Myrtone), vicar of Lathrisk (Lawthreske) KTT, dated at Newhall]
Newhall 1520 Crail Register no. 56 [annual rent of £10 out of the lands of Newhall, for George Abercrombie, prebendary of the College (i.e. Collegiate Church) of Crail]
(lands and barony of) Newhall 1527 RMS iii no. 494 [confirmed to Lindsay Lord Crawford]
Newhall c.1560 s Assumption, 177 [to Haddington Priory, 22 bolls meal, 8 bolls bere]
Newhall 1594 RMS vi no. 100 [‘Newhall and Letham CRA’ (Newhall et Lethame)]
Newhall 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Newhall 1753 Roy sheet 19, 5 [referring to East Newhall KBS]
Newhall 1775 Ainslie/Fife [referring to OS Pathf. East Newhall KBS; also Newhall Mill]
Newhall 1790s OSA, 171 [noting that the house has been demolished]
West Newhall 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc new + Sc hall

It is clear from the earliest reference (in Latin) to ‘the new hall’ that the feature which gave rise to this name is more than 700 years old! East Newhall is in KBS, West Newhall in CRA (see CRA Introduction). The NGR given above is for West Newhall CRA. Strong evidence from early maps, however, suggests that East Newhall, at NO603107, was the original centre of the estate. Blaeu (Gordon) Fife (1654), Roy (1753) and Ainslie/Fife (1775) all show Newhall on the KBS side of the boundary. In 1845 NSA reported that the former house (Newhall Tower) had been demolished, and Gifford (1988, 119) describes the ‘late Georgian steading’ built at East Newhall in its place.

There is also a place called Newhall in KTT.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3