Gallowside * CRA S NO4906 3

le Galousesyde 1376 RMS i no. 593 [Nigel of Cunningham (de Conyngham); see Barns CRA]
Gallowsyde 1505 ER xii, 717 [Robert Cunningham (Cunynghame), West Barns (Westbarnis) CRA and Gallowsyde]
Gallowsyde 1563 RMS iv no. 1700 [see Barns CRA; in constabulary of Craill]

Sc gallow + Sc side

‘Land beside the gallows’ or ‘hill-side or slope where the gallows stand or stood’. It formed part of the lands of West Barns CRA, held by the Cunninghams from the late fourteenth century, and *Gallowside will have been where the lairds of West Barns exercised their right of pit and gallows. In 1376 it is associated with *the Westfield, *Seaflat and *Templeland (le Westfeld, Seeflat, Tempylland), none of which is now identifiable (RMS i no. 593).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3