Dod Law

Dod Law CRA R NO558106 1 363 90m

Dod Law 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc dod + Sc law

Sc dod is ‘a bare hill with a rounded top’ (SND 1, from DSL, which quotes A. Pennecuik’s Description of Tweeddale (1815, 50): ‘Hills are variously named according to their magnitude as Law ... Dod’). It is connected with Sc doddie ‘hornless bull, cow or sheep’ (SND 1), also an adjective which can be reduced to dod (SND Supplement). The associated verb dod ‘(to) poll’ also gives doddit ‘hornless, polled’ (DOST and SND 1). The whole name Dod Law is therefore perhaps best rendered ‘bare, rounded hill’.

It is applied to a prominence of 90 m on the north-facing slope which rises from the marshy ground on the south bank of the Kenly Burn, lying at about 80 m, towards Kingsmuir on the south. OS Name Book 83, 5 describes it as ‘a small arable hill or knowe on the farm of Swinecowhill (Swinkie CRA)’ owned by Mr Hannay of Kingsmuir House.

It is known locally as Swinkie Hill, and on it several cinerary urns have been discovered (NMRS NO51SE 19).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3