Pitmart # CBE S NO551063 2 55m

Petmerth 1512 Crail Register no. 10 [rent of lands of Balhouffie (Balhulffie) [93] CBE, Gordanshall (Gordonishall) CBE and Pitmart]
in Petmerch 1515 Fife Ct. Bk. 13 [Robert Webster (Webstar) in Pitmart, surety in the case against Jonet Pete in Kingscairn # (the Kingiscarne) CRA]
Petmarch 1526 RMS iii no. 389 [Gordanshall (Gordonishall) CBE, Balhouffie (Balhulphy) CBE and Pitmart]
Pitmarthie 1663 RMS xi no. 407 [to Sir John Gibson of Alderstoun the north side of the lands of Balhouffie (Balhousie) commonly called Pitmart and Bonerbo, with the manor-place and pertinents, in the parish of Kilrenny (Kylwinnie)]
Pitmart 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Pitmarthie 1813 Sasines no. 9850 [‘north half of Balhouffie and pendicles thereof called Bonerbo and Pitmarthie’]
Pitmart 1827 Ainslie/East Fife

G pett + ? G mart

The first element is G pett ‘land-holding, farm’, but the name appears too late in the record for there to be any certainty regarding the second element. It may be G mart ‘cow, ox’, particularly one slaughtered for meat (DIL). Watson accepts the 1526 form as standard and interprets the second element as G marc ‘horse’ (1926, 411). However, most of the early forms point to an ending –t(h), with those in –ch being mistranscriptions of –th. The 1663 and 1813 forms with their endings in -ie have probably arisen by analogy with nearby names such as Pitcorthie CBE, Pitkierie KRY and Pittarthie DNO.

The NGR given above is for OS Pathf. Balhouffie, the site shown on Ainslie/Fife (1775) and Ainslie/East Fife (1827) as Pitmart. At this site SGF (1828) shows Nr. Mains (probably for North Mains rather than Nether Mains). The site is called Balhouffie on OS 6 inch (1855) and on all subsequent OS Maps. However, both Ainslie maps show Balhouffie some 300 m to the south of this site, at about NO550062, where SGF (1828) shows ‘Ballhouffie Ho<use> in Ruins’. OS 6 inch (1855) does not even show a ruin at the original site of Balhouffie, only a freestone quarry nearby.

As the names have shifted, so has the parish boundary between CBE and KRY. Ainslie/Fife shows Pitmart on the KRY side of the boundary, as does Ainslie/East Fife. Similary, SGF shows Nr. Mains (the same site) in KRY, as the boundary runs north from West Pitkierie, reaching the road (B9171) and suddenly veering to the west along the road to separate Nr. Mains from Ballhouffie Ho<use>, leaving the former site of Balhouffie in CBE and the new Balhouffie (formerly Pitmart/N<orth> Mains) in KRY. On the OS 1855 map, however, the parish boundary has shifted about 350 m to the east, and Pitmart (which it calls Balhouffie) lies within CBE.

This shift in the boundary near Pitmart is reflected in the 1663 entry, where Pitmart is mentioned as being in Kilrenny parish, along with Balhouffie and Bonerbo, both now in Carnbee (RMS xi no. 407).

This apparent shifting of the boundary may be connected to the fact that Pitkierie, now in KRY, was reckoned among the lands of the barony of Kellie CBE. See for example RMS ii no. 3590 (1511) and Retours no. 505 (1634).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3