Gillings Hill

Gillings Hill CBE R NO515062 1 374 149m

Gellandshill 1790s OSA, 106
Gillings Hill 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

? pn Gellan(d) + Sc hill

The first element may be the personal name Gellan (or perhaps Gillan), although both are rare, and neither is particularly associated with Fife or Angus (Black 1946, s.n.). If this is the case, then the later form Gilling- emerged by hypercorrection, the -an(d) ending of Gellan(d) being treated as a Scots present participle (ending in –an(d)) or verbal noun (ending in –in, –en), both equivalent to SSE –ing, and thus inappropriatedly englished as Gilling-.[81]

The above NGR is for the small hill on the lower south-western slope of Kellie Law, though the name seems to refer more generally to the south-facing slope falling from Gillingshill Reservoir to Dreel House.

The older local pronunciation is /ˈdӡɪlɪŋz hɪl/, although /ˈgɪlɪŋz hɪl/ is now also heard.[82]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3