Munshock Moss

Munshock Moss # BGY V NT1797 1 130m

Munshock Moss 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc munshock + Sc moss

‘Cowberry or red bilberry moss’; see Elements Glossary, above, under munshock. It is described in the OS Name Book as follows: ‘A small piece of land at present rough pasture on the farm of Kirkland. Here the plant locally called the “Munshock” but more generally known by the name of the Red Bilberry is plentifully found growing, hence the name. Munshock: The name given to the Red Bilberry, Jamiesons Scottish Dictionary’ (5, 42; see also 8, 23).

Edward Henderson, no doubt taking his lead from the OS Name Book, gives it the alternative name of ‘The Blaeberry[64] Moss’, describing it as ‘[t]he low-lying ground to the west of the public road at the bottom of the Flockhouse Brae... It is now built upon as part of the township of Ballingry’ (1990 s.n.). The name does not seem to have survived.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1