Craigie * CMN SSL S NO4814 2

Cragin c.1212 x 1216 St A. Lib. 317 [held by St Andrews Priory, from which, along with Pittendriech CER, SSL?, the priory pays cains for the upkeep of poor scholars in St Andrews]
Cragin c.1220 Terrier A fo 241v [17/18th c. copy; held by St Andrews Priory, which, along with the lands of Pittendriech CER, SSL?, it had obtained from the archdeacon of St Andrews in exchange for Strathtyrum SSL]
Cragin c.1220 Terrier C fo 242r [17/18th c. copy; held by St Andrews Priory, within the Boar’s Raik]
Craggin Ferdis c.1220 Terrier F fo 242v [17/18th c. copy; held by bp and his men]

G creag + – in

‘Place of the crag(s) or rock(s)’. It would seem that the loc. ending was later replaced by Sc toun, for which see Craigtoun CMN, below.

Cragin is listed between Priorletham (Lethim) and Denork Ferdis (Dunorc Ferdis), both now CMN, in Terrier C, amongst the lands in the Boar’s Raik belonging to St Andrews Priory (see Appendix 2, below). That this represented only a part of all the lands of *Craigie is clear from Terrier F, which lists Craggin Ferdis amongst the lands belonging to the bishop and his men. Ferdis, which most likely refers to an ecclesiastical office, and also associated with Denork CMN, is discussed under Denork, below. It is probable, though not provable, that it is the same place as Craigtoun CMN, which is listed as belonging to St Andrews Priory in 1587 and 1611 (Assumption, 10 and RMS vii no. 464).

For the siting of Pittendreich, with which *Craigie is closely associated in both the St A. Lib. and the Terrier, in the vicinity of Kinninmonth CER, SSL, see under Pittendreich CER (PNF 2).

The eponymous crag is perhaps linked to the near-by Catcraig (now a disused quarry). Note also Cragmyll 1513 RMS ii no. 3812, a mill which is probably somewhere in the vicinity, for more details of which see under Goukston # SSL, below.

There is a place called Craigie in LEU, which appears as Cragine c.1300 (NAS Calendar of Charters vol. 1 no. 69). For Craigie WLO, which also appears as Cragin in early documents, see MacDonald 1941, 5.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3