Chalderhills # CMN S NO446138 2

? Chalherhills 1775 Ainslie/Fife [the letter following –al- is probably h; it is certainly not k, as read in PNF 3 s.n.]
Chalderhills 1827 Ainslie/East Fife

? Sc chalder + Sc hill

Sc chalder is a dry measure of capacity made up of 16 bolls. Render was often paid in chalders of grain or meal, for example. If this is the first element in Chalderhills, the name may refer to the render due from the lands.

The 1775-form is likely the result of a printing error. Mr J. M. Henderson of Easter Kinnear undertook some research in this area in 2000 and was told by a local informant that the wood at or near the above NGR ‘was aye ca’d the Chodder Wuid’.[32] Not only does this indicate the survival of at least the first part of the name locally, it supplies independent evidence for the 1827-reading Chalder-.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3