Swiney ANR C NT662988 1 364 0m

Swiney 1960 Eggeling 1985, 252
Swiney 2001 OS Explorer 371

? ? ON svín or ? ? pn Sveinn + ? ? ON ey

‘Pig or Sveinn’s island’?? Eggeling derives the first element from the pn Sveinn, specifically Sveinn Asleifarson, who visited (and plundered) the monastery on the May in the mid-twelfth century (Orkneyinga saga ch. 83; see also under Isle of May, early forms). If an ON derivation be countenanced, then it could equally well contain ON svín ‘pig, swine’, with reference to its shape. However, given the lack of forms earlier than the 1920s (Eggeling code L), any suggestion that such a name is of ON origin is extremely tentative.

It is the name of a tidal rock at the south-east end of the Isle of May.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 3