Maiden’s Bed

Maiden’s Bed ANR C 1

Maiden’s Bed 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn 28
Lady’s Bed 1885 Eggeling 1985, 248, 249
Maiden’s Bed 1976 OS 6 inch

‘This name applies to a small rocky bay at the south end of the island said to have derived the name from a vessel called the Maiden which was wrecked here’ (OS Name Book 1, 17). See discussion under Maiden Hair, above. Eggeling (1985, 249) states that it was another name for Lady’s Bed, the name given by Joseph Agnew, Lighthouse keeper, to ‘[t]he small cave at the South End containing the Lady’s Well’ (1985, 248). Yet another name is recorded for this cave: Bishop’s Cave, a ‘name appearing in David Don’s 1819 report to the Lighthouse Commissioners but not seen elsewhere and not now current. It would seem to have been applied by Don to the cave referred to by Agnew ... as the Maiden’s Bed’ (Eggeling 1985, 245).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3