Kettle Ness

Kettle Ness ANR CR NT660991 1 364

Kettle Ness 1960 Eggeling, 1985, 248
Kettle Ness 1979 OS Pathf. 364
Kettle Ness 2001 OS Explorer 371

? SSE kettle + SSE ness

Note also that the area of low ground north-west of Kettle Ness was called Kettle (also Eggeling Code L, putting the earliest record back to the 1920s) (Eggeling 1985, 248). Eggeling’s tentative suggestion that the name is of Norse origin (loc. cit.) is best rejected.

After 1934 the inlet to the north of Kettle and Kettle Ness was jokingly named The Spout (of the Kettle) (R) (Eggeling 1985, 251). Eggeling Code L.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3