Clett ANR CR NT656996 1 0m

Clett 1960 Eggeling 1985, 246

‘“A rock in the sea.” The most northerly of the Middens’ (Eggeling 1985, 246). Eggeling’s explanation is taken almost directly from the SND definition (under Sc clet(t)), a Northern Isles word of Norse origin), namely ‘a detached rock, generally in the sea’, and applied by someone with a knowledge of Northern Isles toponymy. In PNF 3, 73, it was suggested it may derive from Sc clett ‘little tern’ (SND Supplement). As with (the) Burrian, above, there may have been some ornithological punning going on, although this is more likely in the case of Clett, given that it belongs to the most recent ‘post-Observatory’ naming-phase, while (the) Burrian is earlier (though perhaps only by a few years). Eggeling code R.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3