Burrian ANR R 1

(The) Burrian 1960 Eggeling 1985, 245

‘The ridge on the east side of Holyman’s Road, between the Bield and Colm’s Hole. The origin and meaning of the name are uncertain. It may derive from burian, a mound, tumulus or fortification’ (Eggeling 1985, 245). This definition is taken from SND, the word being found as such only in DMF (see under Burrowine CUS and *borwen, PNF 5, Elements Glossary). Eggeling uses it with the definite article, naming the rocks ‘east of the Burrian’, opposite The Middens, as Burrian Rocks (246). In PNF 3, 73, it was suggested it was from Sc burrian ‘red-throated diver’ (SND). Eggeling code L.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3