Millpark Burn

Millpark Burn CRA/KRY W NO601059 1 0m

Millpark Burn 1969 x 1996 OS 1:10,000 1st Metric Edition
Millpark Burn 1998 Statutory Instruments 1998, no. 3243 [The Fife (Electoral Arrangements) Order, 1998]
Millpark Burn 2004 OS 1:10,000 digital version

en Millpark + Sc burn

The first element looks like the name of a field (modern Sc park ‘field’). Since there was a mill at the foot of this burn, shown on Roy (1753), Ainslie/Fife (1775) and OS 6 inch (1855) as Barns Mill (at NO601060), it is likely that the eponymous *Mill Park was beside this mill, on the east side of the burn.

This is the march burn between CRA and KRY, at least from Old Barns (where the Millpark Burn flows on the west side of tbe buildings) down to the shore, and is probably sicketum de Alde Caplawin and Caplawynis Burne (i.e. the Caiplie Burn) in NLS Acc 8487 (1235). See KRY Introduction for text and translation of this charter.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3