Kethok # CBE/ELI/KCQ W NO456008 1 0m

Aqua de Kethok 1368 NAS Cal. of Charters no. 148A [the water of Kethok shall be the march between the land of Balcarres (Balkerouis) KCQ and John Strang, lord of Pitcorthie’s lands of Wester Pitcorthie (Westirpetcorthi) CBE]

? Pictish * cēt + –ōc

‘Wood-burn, burn that flows through or by woodland’, if Pictish * cēt is the root. The same element is found in Inverkeithing IKG and Kethymyre # BUI/KGH. For the suffix, see Cambo KBS, below, and Elements Glossary PNF 5.

The Aqua de Kethok must be what is now shown as the Den Burn on OS Pathf in its upper reaches, which becomes Kilconquhar Burn and then the Cocklemill Burn, before flowing into the Firth of Forth at the south-east end of Largo Bay.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3