Cuthlands # KTT S NO2708 3

Cuthland 1495 RMS ii no. 2243 [lands of Wester Lathrisk KTT, Cuthlands and Darnoe FAL; see Lathrisk KTT for more details]
Cuithland 1551 RMS iv no. 597 [among lands of Wester Lathrisk. See Lathrisk KTT for context]
Couthland 1552 RMS iv no. 684
Cuithland 1598 RMS vi no. 895
Cuithlandis 1630 RMS viii no. 1528 [John Seton junior of Lathrisk, lands of Jargo Myre (Jargomyre) FAL and *Fairlieslands (Fairlieslandis) KTT, with free multures of Easter Lathrisk (Eister Lawthrisk) FAL, Linlithgow Lands # (Linlitquhoislandis) KTT, Clagmyre # (Clagmar) KTT and Cuthlands]
Cuthlands 1799 Sasines no. 5322

? Sc couth + Sc land

‘Snug, neat lands’, from Sc couth ‘comfortable, snug, neat’ (CSD)? The name first appears in its plural form in the seventeenth century. RMS ii index (under Condolane) suggests that it is the same place as Conland FAL, but this must be wrong. Apart from the differences in spelling, Conland FAL from the fourteenth century till at least 1564 was in the hands of the Lumsdens, and following 1564, the Lundies. Cuthland never is. Furthermore, all the evidence we have suggests that it is at or near the NGR given above.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2