Leven SCO S NO383008 1 373 5m SEF

Levinsmouth 1505 ER xii, 280 [for carriage of wine and beer from Levensmouth to Falkland]
a portu de Levin 1506 ER xii, 443
At Leweynges brig 1540 Knights of St John, 25 [‘At Levensbrig as far as the Leven in the laird of Bass’s hands’ (At Leweynges brig in to Lewyng in the lard of Bassis handis), with reference to temple lands]
Levynnismouth 1546 RMS iii no.3275 [John Reekie (Reky) in Levensmouth]
Lavynnismouth 1565 RPC
? Acre of Levyn 1587 Assumption 15
Leuynsmont 1595 Mercator’s map [for *Leuynsmout]
Levinismouthe 1609 RMS vii no. 153 [see SCO Introduction]
lie hevain ville de Levinisburne 1609 RMS vii no. 153 [the harbour of the town of *Levensburn]
Levin 1609 RMS vii no. 153 [one of the lands of Scoonie; ‘cum villa de L.’; see SCO Introduction]
villam de Levin 1609 RMS vii no. 153 [erected into a free burgh of barony; see SCO Introduction]
terras de Levinismouth 1619 x 1620 RMS vii no. 2151 [part of the lands of Scoonie (Scuny)]
Levinisburne 1619 x 1620 RMS vii no. 2151 [‘the harbour of the town of *Levensburn and *Levensbrig on both sides of the water of Leven’ (portum le heavin ville de Levinisburne et Levinisbrig ex utroque latere aque de Levin)]
Levinisbrig 1619 x 1620 RMS vii no. 2151 [see preceding]
Innerlevin 1644 Retours (Fife) no. 680 [see preceding]
Leauins mouth 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife [referring to the town; note also South Leauin referring to a smaller settlement to the north-east]
Levin 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife [referring to the town; Levins mouth referring to the mouth of the river]
Leven 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
Leven 1775 Ainslie/Fife [also shows Kirk immediately north-east of Leven, as well as Scoonie Kirk in Ruins well to the north-east of that]

en Leven ( + Sc mouth or + Sc burn )

‘(River) Leven’s mouth’, with Sc mouth starting to drop out around the time of its erection into a free burgh of barony in 1609 (see SCO Introduction).

    There must have been a bridge over the River Leven at Leven by 1452, since Levynnis-brig is mentioned as one of the possessions belonging to the church of St Andrews in that year (RMS ii no. 1444). Note also the mention of the harbour of the town of *Levensburn in 1609, which in 1619 or 1620 is mentioned along with *Levensbrig as being on both sides of the River Leven (RMS vii no. 2151).

    In 1666 Lamont’s Diary (190) records that the earl of Wemyss (Weyms) ‘buelt a timber bridge over the water of Leven, a litell above the Basse Millne,[291] for the greater seale (sale) of his Methell coall’. This was presumably in addition to the older *Levensbrig.

    In 1662 we have the following list of lands and rights associated with Leven (Retours no. 920): ‘the lands of Leven, the lands of Levensmouth, with the harbour of the town of *Levensburn and *Levensbrig on either side of the river, the town of Leven with its harbour, bulwark, white fishings etc., salmon fishing and other fishings, with mills (both grain and fulling (waulk) mills), and with the multures of the lands of Innerleven alias *Cauldcotts’ (this last place is in WMS, formerly in MAI, and is discussed in PNF 1, 590–2).[292]


This place-name appeared in printed volume 2